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The Difference Between The Manual Machine And The Wide-mouth For Glass Bottle

Aug. 22, 2019

Here is a OEM Glass Drinking Bottle Manufacturer talking about the difference between the manual machine and the wide-mouth for glass bottle.

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Flip Top Glass Milk Bottle

Flip Top Glass Milk Bottle

1. Hand-operated wide-mouth glass bottles, due to manual operation, there will be differences in product effects and quality due to different operators. Especially obvious at the bottom of the jar, the uniformity will vary from person to person, but The operation time of a single variety will be improved, and the assembly line will be different. The machine parameters and the number of bottles to be dripped by the computer numerical control program will be very uniform and accurate, and the product finish, uniformity and the bottom of the bottle are very clear. Very beautiful, suitable for high-volume assembly line container filling, can improve productivity and output efficiency.

2, the manual machine production process will appear in the operation of the jar mouth die or not in place, false, the uniformity of the mouth of the wide mouth bottle will be very different, but the manual operation will also be due to individual bottle type It will be more flexible than the assembly line, so that the product can not be produced by the assembly line.

3, the manual machine mold is mostly opened with the handle, the bottle's stereotype cooling and the mold line are affected by the gas and the mold opening and closing time, the length of the mold will be affected, the assembly line is different, the mold vent hole and opening and closing The time is very precise, the impact on the product stereotype is very small, and the product clamping line made will be small.

4. The manual machine production process has low requirements on the production site and the change of production time. It can flexibly meet the needs of small single-volume customers. The mold production time is short and the cost is small. It is also the reason why the manual machine process has been welcomed by the glass bottle manufacturers. First, the assembly line will have certain requirements for the production site and the number of products.

5. Now the glass bottle production plant will install two processes of manual machine and assembly line on the same kiln, so as to achieve complementary production capacity and bring into production efficiency to meet the needs of different customers.

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