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How To Cut Glass Bottles?

Aug. 06, 2019

Cutting glass bottles are all dominated by thermal expansion and contraction. They often operate the following four kinds of preparations. As a professional Customized Cosmetic Bottles Factory, let’s learn together!

Custom Glass Cosmetic Bottles

Custom Glass Cosmetic Bottles

First, oil cotton line heating method

Take a French Square Glass Bottle as an example.

Bottles, triangular trowels, cotton yarn, gasoline or oil, buckets, etc.

1. Use a trowel to draw a scratch on the glass bottle.

2. Attach a penetrating oil yarn to the scratched groove.

3. Ignite the yarn. When the fire is extinguished, activate the bottle and immerse the bottle vertically in cold water.

4. With a hand, the bottle is disconnected.

Second, electric furnace wire heating method

Bottles, electric furnace wires, transformers, buckets, etc.

1. Wrap the electric furnace wire that is slightly good at the circumference of the bottle around the part that needs to be cut, and put it on the low-voltage electric heating for 10 minutes.

2. Immediately insert the bottle vertically into the cold water. It can also be drenched from the top with cold water and the bottle will be disconnected.

Third, wire heating method

Bottles, thick wire, roots, crayons or chalk, buckets, etc.

1. Use a crayon or chalk to draw a line in the area to be cut.

2. Put a few wires into the fire and use a red-hot wire to alternately press on the scribe line to heat the scribe line for about 10 minutes.

3. Immediately place the glass bottle vertically into a bucket of cold water and the bottle is cut.

Fourth, the oil heating method

Bottles, used motor oil, wire or coal cones, cold water.

1. Pour the used oil into the bottle at a level that is level with the cutting area.

2. Insert the red-hot wire or coal cone into the oil from the mouth of the bottle, and the oil will be boiled by heat.

3. Pull out the wire and place the cap on the mouth of the bottle (you should not cover it to prevent explosion). When it is drenched with cold water, the bottle is cut.

The cutting glass bottle factory should face up to the following two points: First, the bottle cap should be closed when heating to prevent the air in the bottle from expanding and triggering the explosion; just shower the bottle cap on the bottle mouth when cooling. Second, the glass bottle is cut and cut at a sharp point, and the face should not be cut off; the cut should be polished with wet sandpaper.

If you need any Custom Glass Cosmetic Bottles, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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