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Why Do White Wine Use Glass and Earthenware Bottles Instead of Plastic Bottles?

Mar. 23, 2020

China has a long history and a long history of food culture. Compared to food culture, wine culture is also a major feature of China! Chinese people have a natural love for wine. Whether it is a family dinner or a colleague party, as long as it is a formal occasion, people will prepare a good bottle of wine, because people often say that no wine is not available, and wine not only connects people. Feelings, and ordering a few wine dishes, with a childish joke, able to chat for a night, of course, the type of liquor is also very rich, especially in China, each place has its own special liquor, but many people It has been found that the better the liquor, the more it is used in glass and ceramic bottles, and rarely in plastic bottles. So why is this? The Glass Bottle Manufacturer will tell you next.

In the past, there were some aging wines, mostly stored in ceramic jars. Now many white wines are also served in ceramic bottles or glass bottles. There are also some metal bottled white wines, but this wine is very rare, only a few Plastic bottles are only used for wines with low quality, so why not use plastic bottles for wine?

In fact, the more high-quality good wine, the less you can use plastic bottles, because this will waste a bottle of good wine, everyone knows that the content of white wine is ethanol, this substance is very volatile, but put in Glass Bottle or ceramic. In the jar, this volatilization process will be slowed down, because whether it is glass or ceramic, its sealing performance is excellent, and the more mellow the liquor is, the more fragrant it is, it will be stored in glass bottles and ceramic jars for a long time. Time, but it can't be done in a plastic bottle!

Glass Bottle

Glass Bottle

And plastic is made of polyethylene. This kind of ingredient is not harmful to the human body in normal times. For example, most of the beverage bottles we drink are made of plastic. Drinking too much will not harm the human body, but This substance is indeed soluble in alcohol, and it will have a chemical reaction with wine. If the liquor is stored in plastic bottles for a longer time, the more this substance is dissolved in the wine, it will not only affect the taste of liquor , And it is not good for the body!

Another reason is that most of the current plastics will use a plasticizer. It can make plastics quickly. Although this is particularly convenient for many places, it will change if you install it for a long time. Because he is particularly soluble in alcohol, children who drink do not understand these, only the old drinkers know the truth, so they would rather spend money to drink a bit more expensive wine, rather than drink some inferior white wine, right So what do you guys think? Welcome to leave your answer in the comment area!

These are the reasons why liquor is bottled introduced by Glass Bottle for Organic Juice supplier.

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