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Why not Use Olive Oil in White Transparent Glass Bottles?

Mar. 02, 2020

The glass bottle is a kind of glassware that we all cannot do without. It is also found everywhere in daily life. It is divided into tableware, wineware, waterware, cookware, etc. according to the purpose. Most of them are tableware, wineware, waterware. Based on soda lime silicate glass composition. Transparent glassware products require high transparency and a certain degree of gloss. Glassware products with a certain color should be bright and vivid. The performance should meet the requirements of use, and the appearance should be beautiful and generous, with certain applicability.

1. Bowls, plates, Glass Spice Jars, plates, cylinders, high plates and other utensils of various shapes of tableware.

2. Various kinds of goblets, wine bottles with corsets, whiskey glasses, etc.

3. Water cups, water cups with handles, large jugs with mouths, ice buckets, beverage cups, cold water appliances, etc.

4. Miscellaneous cosmetic containers, storage containers, ashtrays of various shapes, etc.

One of the many types of glass bottles is the olive oil bottle, and we will find that its bottle is not packed in white transparent glass bottles. I believe that friends who have used olive oil must know that the bottles containing olive oil are dark, so many people have a question about this. Why shouldn't olive oil be packaged in white transparent glass bottles? Today Glass Bottle Manufacturer will answer this question for everyone.

Olive oil has the effects of accelerating metabolism, improving the digestive tract, preventing electromagnetic radiation and delaying aging. High-quality olive oil from the Baltic countries is increasingly entering our Chinese dining table. The Mediterranean region, which has a history of thousands of years of olive oil, has long been scientifically researched. The most valuable nutrients in olive oil can be best maintained in shading places. Therefore, most of the olive oil in foreign stores uses deep color packaging.

In China, the Chinese nation ’s bottle network, which was first asked by the University of Packaging Bottles, once said, “It is good to use dark glass bottles to package olive oil. The specific chemicals in olive oil such as vitamins and polyphenols are very easy to flow out when heated. Therefore, the application of dark glass bottles can have a maintenance effect on the nutritional content. "It is very large and medium-sized stores with obvious light. Illumination of lighting effects often has a certain hazard to the quality and storage period of olive oil packaged in light gray fully transparent bottles.

Dark Square Olive Oil Glass Bottle

Dark Square Olive Oil Glass Bottle

Therefore, olive oil is more sensitive to light. If the light is constant or obvious, olive oil is easily oxidized by air. Dark Square Olive Oil Glass Bottle packaging, or containers that are not easily translucent, will better maintain the olive oil. However, because dark glass bottles cannot see the exact color of the oil, there are concerns from customers. In fact, it is not necessary, because the color of olive oil is related to many factors such as the type of olive oil, the color of the outer peel, the moisture content, and the maturity, but it is basically not harmful to the taste and quality of the olive oil, so the color of the oil is generally not Easy to use as an indicator of the quality of olive oil, everyone should never "take oil by appearance"!

The above is the answer article for why olive oil does not need white transparent glass bottles. I believe everyone should understand after reading this article.

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