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What are the Advantages of Cosmetic Glass Bottles over Plastic Bottles?

Feb. 24, 2020

Our daily cosmetics are packed in glass bottles, and many people will have questions, why not use plastic bottles? Today, Glass Bottle Manufacturer will tell you about the advantages of cosmetic glass bottles over plastic bottles.

Because cosmetic glass bottles have good organic chemistry reliability, they are not easy to reflect with the sealed objects; they have good clarity, and they can add additives such as iron, cobalt, and chromium to the raw materials to produce glass bottles of various colors (such as Huper Glass, environmentally friendly glass, blue-white glass, cobalt blue glass, milky white glass, opacified glass); good temperature resistance and not easy to deform; high tensile strength and internal pressure resistance; high relative density and net weight (suitable for higher end Cosmetic packaging); strong barrier, hygienic and storage, easy to seal, can be tightly sealed again after opening the market, etc. At the same time can also be Cosmetic Bottles And Containers. Therefore, cosmetic glass bottles are commonly used in packaging of high-end cosmetics or some required skin care products.

Cosmetic Bottles And Containers

Cosmetic Bottles And Containers

Glass bottles used for liquid cosmetic packaging are generally mouth-bottles (narrow-mouth bottles), suitable for nail polish, nail polish remover, eau de toilette, and perfume packaging. The structure and shape design of the glass bottle can be carried out in accordance with the packaging design. Various design schemes must be carried out, and it is maintained by changing the grinding tool during production. The bottle body can immediately be printed or decorated with decorative packaging. In addition, glass bottles of different colors can be used to incorporate packaging requirements for skin care products with different characteristics. The design of the stopper complementary to the glass bottle is a very critical level, especially in the design of perfume bottles and stoppers.

Eau de toilette and fragrance are common liquid fragrances in daily life, and they have a clear fragrance, strong and long-lasting fragrance. Their packaging generally uses glass bottle utensils to incorporate the packaging regulations and elegant characteristics. Some lower-level eau de perfumes (such as colognes) can also be packaged in cosmetic glass bottles.

Cosmetic glass bottles used to package eau de toilette and fragrances are colorful and varied in shape and design. Generally, a variety of colors of transparent glass bottles are used for packaging. The bottle body is often made into various patterns during the production and processing. Enhance the actual effect of the decoration of the bottle body; the specifications and models of the glass bottle are changed according to the characteristics, regulations and grades of the sealed eau de toilette and perfume; the design of the stopper is good, the shape is beautiful, the design is generous, and it can be very versatile Decorative effect; the bottle body generally does not package printing patterns (even if the packaging printing patterns, the pattern is small, and does not endanger the overall display of the actual effect of the bottle), but only presents the clear and transparent characteristics of the product, the trademark logo, patterns are generally packaged and printed on The stopper position, or the factory nameplate mark on the short board position.

The above is an article by Customized Cosmetic Bottles Manufacturer that the cosmetic glass bottles are better than plastic bottles. I believe that everyone can understand after reading this article. After all, it directly contacts our skin, so we are in packaging Safety comes first.

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