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Sunlight Control Coating Production Technology 2

May. 14, 2019

Here is 1 Liter Glass Bottles Supplier talking about Sunlight Control Coating Production Technology.

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If the film is found to have a large number of pinholes due to the poor atmosphere in the tin bath during coating, the coating should be stopped immediately, the tin bath should be cleaned with nitrogen or hydrogen, and the coating production should be carried out after 7 to 10 days of cleaning. The reaction zone temperature is too high. It will also cause pinholes on the surface of the glass plate. This is because the residual silicon powder after the silane reaction falls on the surface of the glass plate. The temperature of the glass plate at the reaction zone should be controlled at 680~700'C, and it should be appropriate. Open the exhausting force of the exhaust gas, so that the residual siliceous powder and exhaust gas after the reaction are discharged in time to avoid falling onto the glass plate surface. (4) Factors affecting the quality of the floating silicon film on the float glass by on-line thermal decomposition Vapor deposition method for producing coated glass, there are many factors affecting the quality of on-line silicon-coated film glass, such as silane concentration, mixed gas ratio and amount, reaction zone temperature, reactor distance from glass plate surface, and exhaust rate. , glass plate movement speed and so on. Measures to extend the coating cycle time, that is, reduce the number of pumping and punching, which can reduce the pollution of the tin bath, improve the coating quality, and reduce the coating cost and labor intensity of the operator. 

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However, after the coating is produced for a certain period of time, a layer of brown siliceous powder adheres to the middle and exhaust channels of the reactor, which affects the exhaust rate and affects the quality of the film. At the same time, if the proportion of ethylene in the mixed gas and the reaction zone are increased The temperature also causes an increase in the rate of crystal growth at the graphite lip upstream of the reactor. When the locally occurring crystal grows to a certain extent, the longitudinal beam of the silicon film will appear so the coating will be stopped and the reactor will be cleaned, in order to extend the coating cycle to a large extent. In the middle block time, the critical dimensions of the reactor should be controlled by H. The cross-section of the reactor is shown in Figure 4-26. (1) Reduce the height of the upstream graphite H, and reduce the graphite gap B in the middle of the glass plate. 4-26 Schematic diagram of reactor cross section The mixed gas enters the upper and middle graphite gaps through the inlet beam and then passes along the upper and middle graphite gaps to reach the reaction between the middle block and the glass plate surface. Since there is circulating cooling water on the inlet beam, the mixed gas only rapidly rises and reaches the reaction temperature when passing through the upper and middle graphite gaps. If the upstream graphite height H and the upper and middle graphite gaps B are large, the mixed gas Some of the mixed gas has not yet reached the reaction between the midstream block and the glass plate surface, and the reaction results in the crystallization of the reactor lip too fast, and the film layer appears bright streaks due to crystallization.

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