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What Are The Problems In The Production Of Glass Bottles?

Jul. 03, 2019

Here is Customized Beverage Bottles Manufacturer talking about What are the problems in the production of glass bottles. 

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1. Shoulder

The shoulders are partially or completely thin.

The gob temperature is too high or uneven.

The gob shape is too long or too short.

The material is not correct.

The initial mold is too hot.

The initial mold is too oily.

It is too late to blow.

The down-blowing pressure is small or the time is short.

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2. Bottleneck burrs

There are sharp glass burrs at the neck of the bottleneck and the mouth of the bottle.

The gob temperature is too high.

The shape control is improper.

The die is not properly matched with the initial model.

There are too many ashes in the die or the initial die, and the initial die is not tight.

The die and the initial die are worn too much.

Glass bottle bottom defect

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