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What Should I Do If The Glass Cap Does Not Open?

Oct. 30, 2019

I believe that everyone is very upset about not being able to open the glass bottle cap, but I don't know what to do, so what should I do if the glass bottle cap cannot be opened? Today, Glass Bottle Manufacturer bring some small tricks to everyone. The glass bottle caps can't be opened. Try these tricks and teach you how to deal with them easily.

First, buy your favorite glass bottles, cans, drinks, etc. Of course, it is a glass bottled product for those metal caps.

Second, find a relatively stable, hard, and capable place, such as the table, the stairs or the corner of the ground, to avoid the overhead position, to prevent damage to the tiles.

Third, the glass bottle is inverted to ensure that the glass bottle cap can touch the ground or the countertop.

Fourth, hold the glass bottle firmly, according to the strength of your own grasp, gently lick the bottle cap and let the air enter. After the slammed bottle cap, the surface will be slightly lacquered. If you open the cap often, master the strength, slap it once and get it in place.

Fifth, Rotate the bottle cap counterclockwise with your hand. With a little force, you can hear the sound of the “click” and the cap opens. Note that when unscrewing the cap, be careful not to get close to the clothes so that the juice inside the bottle is spilled on our clothes.

Square Glass Spice Jar

Square Glass Spice Jar

Open glass bottle cap 3 big experiment:

Open the cap experiment 1: use a screwdriver to poke almost to the hand.

First use the bottle cap method and pick up the screwdriver to shake the can cap. I slammed it a few times and heard the broken glass on the bottle mouth. The screwdriver slipped and almost poked. Stop the sway and then tighten the cap without opening it.

Then I made a second move, this time I changed three points, until I heard the "beep", the canned bottle was like a sigh of relief.

Screw the cap again and unscrew it this time without much effort. The entire process took 50 seconds.

Experimental experience: During the swaying process, the screwdriver has a small force at the mouth of the bottle, and some of them do not work hard. In addition, the screwdriver is easy to slip, and it is easy to poke the hand.

Open cap experiment 2: it takes time and effort to beat the bottom of the bottle.

Then, I tried the "Bottom of the Bottle" method. The Straight Sided Glass Jars was inverted, and the bottom of the bottle was patted with the entire palm, and then the cap was screwed hard and not opened several times. Then the bottom of the bottle was taken and the bottle cap was screwed. This was repeated three times. The reporter opened the bottle cap and the whole process took 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Experimental experience: When the bottom of the bottle is taken, the palm is very painful. Generally, the woman with small hand strength is not suitable to open the glass jar by this method.

Open the cap experiment 3: hot water bubble for 20 seconds to easily get.

The principle of the two methods of "bottleneck" and "bath bottom" is to "deflate" the can. Next, an attempt will be made to open the cap using the principle of "thermal expansion and contraction". Place the glass jar upside down in a bowl of hot water so that the water floods the entire cap.

After 20 seconds, take out the glass bottle, dry the water on the bottle cap, and open the cap easily with a little effort.

Experimental experience: This method is very easy and very powerful. It is very time-saving, because it is used in bowls and hot water, suitable for home use.

Experimental conclusion of opening the cap:

Five ways to open cans. In comparison, the hot water method is the safest, the easiest and the most time-saving. When we can't open a Square Glass Spice Jar at home, we can use this method.

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