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How To Choose A Seasoning Jar?

Nov. 12, 2019

In the cooking process, there are too many condiments to be used, and many are small particles, such as salt, MSG, etc. If you directly put the bag into the pot, it is very easy to make dark dishes. The best way of course is to put it in a jar that clearly sees the weight, and it can be weighed in a small spoon. Moreover, the storage environment of the can is much better than that of the plastic bag, and the condiment will not be odorous, and there is no need to worry about the deterioration of the storage due to improper storage.

The various seasonings are placed in the seasoning jar, and the items to be used can be seen at a glance when cooking, and it is more convenient to clean and clean after use. The seasoning jar itself is rich in shape and cute in shape, which makes the kitchen space clean and tidy. The seasoning jar can also provide a better storage environment for the cruet, the kitchen is close to the fire source, and the water is damp, which is very easy to cause the cruet to volatilize or deteriorate; and the seasoning tank can prevent high temperature, moisture, no need to worry about seasoning The quality of the product is safe and can also be protected from kitchen fumes. Spice jars are an indispensable helper when we cook. So how do you buy a seasoning jar? Glass Milk Bottles Manufacturers will come to tell you.

Selection tips for seasoning jars:

1, style

The design of the seasoning jar is based on a simple style. It doesn't require too many complicated patterns and detailed carvings, just using elegant shapes and refined lines to create a neat and stylish taste. The most classic seasoning tank style is a rotating four-can, which is a four-corner 360-degree rotating structure. The four jars are packed together. The four seasoning jars are filled with the most commonly used salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, and pepper. Main seasonings. It is recommended that you choose a similar combination of structural styles to avoid too many seasoning cans of different shapes, resulting in a messy kitchen environment.

2, shape

Seasoning jars are generally small in size, but the capacity cannot be too small. Therefore, it is best to choose the egg shape when selecting the seasoning can. This shape looks small and the actual capacity is very large. The shape looks very comfortable too.

3 materials

Although the seasoning jar is only a small one, people have exerted countless imaginations and creativity for it. There are many kinds of materials for seasoning jars, such as glass, ceramics, plastics, bone china, stainless steel, etc. It is recommended to use glass material. The performance against high temperature and humidity is better than that of plastic and metal. There is absolutely no chemical pollution. It is easy to clean and will not rust. There are many kinds of Glass Spice Jars Wholesale on the market today, which can meet the various needs of everyone.

Glass Spice Jars

Glass Spice Jars

a. Ceramic seasoning jar

This product is very easy to clean, just like new after cleaning. Adopting healthy and environmentally friendly, milk and acid raw materials, and selecting high-quality ceramic clay, the porcelain embryo body is dense and high in strength, and has the function of preventing oxidation and bactericidal, and is very durable.

b. glass seasoning jar

The seasoning jar is equipped with a spoon and a spoon hole is provided on the lid to facilitate the storage of the spoon. It is easy to control the amount of the seasoning by using the spoon to take the seasoning, and it is convenient to use. The tank mouth is round and natural. After thickening design, it is made of crystal clear glass. The workmanship is very fine, and it is closely combined with the tank body. The high-quality stainless steel material will not rust, and the glass material can be easily cleaned and will not be deformed after use.

The seasoning jar has introduced so much to everyone, now know how to buy it? In addition to goodness, practicality should also be fully considered. Another important point is to ensure food safety. Don't ignore these issues. If you have a demand for glass seasoning cans, you can contact us. In addition, we also have Round Honey Glass Jar, beverage bottles, decorative bottles and other glass products. Welcome everyone to buy.

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