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Glassware Chemical Frosting Decoration

Jun. 03, 2019

As a manufacturer of 16oz Mason Jar With Handle, we will discuss Glassware chemical frosting decoration with you.

The pretreated glass product generally has a residence time of 2-5 min in the frosting liquid, such as 5 min for a common water cup and 3 min for Flat Glass. The chemical composition of glass products has a significant effect on the effect of frosting. For example, the more the content of Al2O3, CaO, BaO and PbO in the glass composition, the larger the particles forming the matte surface after frosting. For the same glass composition, the less salt is added to the frosting liquid, and the larger the surface of the matter is. 

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In order to obtain a finer frosted surface, the CaO content in the glass is higher, and the salt added to the frosting liquid should be more. Generally, the soda-lime glass component is more susceptible to acid sanding. Lead glass and color glass is sensitive to erosive liquids, and weaker acid can be used for frosting. Peng silicate and opal glass are more difficult to be frosted. Therefore, when chemical sanding is carried out, the concentration and formula of the frosting liquid should be adjusted according to the glass composition to increase the temperature and time of the frosting.

Flat Glass

In the past, most of the factories used the traditional hydrofluoric acid process for glass frosting. For example, the frosting solution for soda-lime glass is 40.2% hydrofluoric acid and 26.8% ammonium fluoride. 3.9% sulfuric acid and 20.1% water. This kind of frosting liquid not only causes great harm to the human body but also brings great pollution to the environment. Currently, there are a few factories. At present, most of the chemical frosting of glassware products are made of commercially available frosting powder processing liquid hydrochloric acid or concentrated sulfuric acid and then added with water to form a frosting liquid for frosting.

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