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What Types And Uses Do Glass Bottles Have?

Sep. 11, 2019

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Glass bottles and jars have a series of advantages such as cleanliness, beauty, transparency, high chemical stability, airtightness, easy sealing, the same nature of the contents, and can be used repeatedly, rich in raw materials, low in price, etc., and become food, medicine, Packaging materials widely used in industries such as chemistry. Glass jars have been strongly competitive with white iron, plastic bottles, etc., which forced it to continuously improve the production process to obtain high-quality and low-quality products. Glass bottles have now reached a level of complete automation from raw materials, melting, forming, annealing, product inspection, packaging and other production processes.

OEM Long Neck Glass Bottle

OEM Long Neck Glass Bottle

Classification of glass bottles and their use shared by Customized Beverage Bottles Factory:

There are many kinds of glass bottles and can be divided into recycled bottles and non-recyclable bottles (one-time bottles) according to the use conditions. According to the manufacturing method, they can be divided into molded bottles (modeled bottles) and control bottles ( Bottles made of glass tubes); according to the way, they are divided into food packaging bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles, cultural and educational supplies bottles, etc. But generally can be summarized into two categories: ampoules (small mouth bottles) and thick neck bottles (large mouth bottles).

1. Narrow neck glass bottle (small mouth bottle)

Where the inner diameter of the bottle neck is below 30 mm, it is called an ampule and is used to hold various liquid substances.

2. Thick neck glass bottle (large mouth bottle)

Bottles with a bottle neck diameter greater than 30 mm for bulk, powder and paste items.

Basic requirements for glass bottles

According to different purposes, all kinds of glass bottles have their corresponding technical regulations. In general, the following basic requirements should be met:

1. Glass quality should be well melted and uniform, avoiding defects such as stones, streaks and bubbles as much as possible. The colorless glass has a high transmittance, and the color glass has a stable color and can absorb light waves of a certain wavelength.

2. Physical and chemical properties

2.1. Glass should have a certain chemical stability, can not affect the quality of the contents.

2.2. Glass bottles should have a certain thermal stability, the loss rate is extremely small.

2.3. Glass bottles should have a certain mechanical strength, vibration and impact, pressure and so on.

3. The forming quality to ensure that in the sterilization and other heating or cooling process to withstand the internal pressure and in the handling and use of the process, the glass bottle should be formed according to a certain capacity, weight and shape, should not be twisted Deformation, uneven surface smoothness and cracks and imperfections. The distribution of the glass should be uniform, and it is not allowed to be too thin and too thick, especially the mouth should be smooth and flat to ensure sealing.

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