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Production Of Glass Bottle Shaped Bottles

Sep. 24, 2019

Find here details of Triangle Glass Juice Bottle on our website. Today we would like to talk about production of glass bottle shaped bottles.

The so-called shaped glass bottle refers to various glass bottles whose cross section is non-circular, such as a three-square bottle, a square bottle, an eight-square bottle, an oval bottle and the like. Through the unique bottle shape design, the glass bottle not only satisfies the requirements of product packaging, but also makes the container have certain art, decoration and display value to meet the spiritual and psychological needs of consumers. In addition, the shaped bottles are also technically better pseudo-functions. Most of the shaped bottles are complex in structure, high in processing technology, difficult to make, and difficult to control, thus making the shaped bottles have technical anti-counterfeiting functions.

OEM Long Neck Glass Bottle

OEM Long Neck Glass Bottle

As a professional OEM Beverage Bottles Supplier, we know that the bottom of the glass bottle is generally designed to be concave, which reduces the contact points in the contact plane and increases stability. The bottom of the bottle and the root of the bottle adopt a circular arc transition, and the transition arc is large, which is beneficial to improve the strength of the bottle, but if the arc is too large, the support area will be reduced and the stability of the glass bottle will be reduced. Under the condition that the quality of the glass bottle is constant, the minimum thickness of the bottom of the bottle is taken as the design requirement. The thickness ratio of the bottom of the bottle is specified, and the bottle thickness is required to have a small difference in thickness and reduce internal stress.

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