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What Is Glass Bottle Packaging Container?

Jun. 11, 2019

Here is Customized Beverage Bottles Factory talking about What is a glass bottle packaging container.

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The glass bottle packaging container is a transparent container which is formed by blowing and molding a molten glass frit. Glass packaging containers are mainly used for packaging liquids, solid drugs, and liquid beverages.

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Classification of glass packaging containers:

There are many types of glass containers, which are classified as follows:

(1) Classification by bottle size

1. small bottle mouth. It is a glass bottle with an inner diameter of less than 20mm, which is used for packaging liquid materials such as soda, beer and so on.

2. large bottle mouth. Also known as canned bottles, the inner diameter of the bottle mouth is greater than 30mm, the neck and shoulders are shorter, the shoulders are flat, and the cans are mostly canned or cupped. Due to the large size of the bottle, the loading and discharging are relatively easy, and it is mostly used for packaging canned foods and viscous materials.

(2) Classification by bottle geometry

1. round bottle. The bottle has a round cross-section and is the most widely used bottle type with high strength.

2. square bottles. The bottle has a square cross section, which is lower in strength than a round bottle and is difficult to manufacture, so it is less used.

3. curved bottles. Although the cross section is circular, it is curved in the height direction. It is composed of concave and convex, such as vase type and gourd type. The form is novel and popular among users.

4. oval bottles. The section is elliptical, although the capacity is small, the shape is unique, and users also like it.

(3) No classification by use

1. bottle for alcohol. The production of alcohol is extremely large, almost all in glass bottles, mainly in round bottles.

Packed glass bottles for 2 days. It is usually used to package various daily small commodities, such as cosmetics, inks, glues, etc. Due to the wide variety of products, the shape and sealing of the bottles are also diverse.

2. cans. There are many kinds of canned foods, and the output is large, so it is self-contained. Multi-purpose jars, the capacity is generally 0.2 ~ 0.5L.

3. medical bottles. This is a glass bottle used to package medicines. It has a brown Luokou small mouth bottle with a capacity of 10 to 200 mL and an infusion bottle of 100 to 1000 mL. It is completely sealed.

4. bottles for chemical reagents. It is used to package various chemical reagents. The capacity is generally 250~1200mL, and the bottle mouth is mostly screwed or grinding.

(4) Classification by color

There are colorless transparent bottles, white bottles, brown bottles, green bottles, and blue bottles.

(5) Classification by bottleneck shape

There are neck bottles, non-neck bottles, long-necked bottles, short-necked bottles, thick-necked bottles, and ampoules, etc.

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