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What’s The Cooling Method Of Glass Bottle Mold?

Sep. 19, 2019

Find here details of Bubble Tea Glass Bottle on our website. Today we would like to talk about the cooling method of glass bottle mold.

Bubble Tea Glass Bottle

Bubble Tea Glass Bottle

In order to keep the mold temperature within the range specified by the process, the heat preservation and cooling of the mold is an extremely important measure. The glass frit formed in the viscous state must be sufficiently cooled in the mold to maintain the shape after leaving the molding machine. During the forming process, the mold wall dissipates a large amount of heat due to cooling. The cooling method is as follows. Customized Food Containers Bottles Factory would like to share with you.

1. Cooling in the atmosphere: Due to the limited heat transfer capacity of the mold itself, natural cooling is only suitable for low molding speeds. Generally, this method is mostly used for manual work, especially when artificially blowing hollow glass.

2. The mold is immersed in water for 2 cycles for artificial cooling: when the wood mold or the graphite mold is cooled in this way, the water vapor layer formed between the mold and the glass functions as a barrier and a lubricating layer. This method is suitable for manual blow molding and fully automatic forming thin-walled seamless glass.

3. Cooling the mold with one or several streams of compressed air (straight or oblique blow mold walls): This method is most widely used in hollow glass forming.

Depending on the cooling location, it is possible to continuously cool the outer wall or periodically cool the inner wall of the mold that is in contact with the glass, or both.

In addition to air, there are also proposals for cooling with other coolants, such as evaporative cooling and cyclic cooling with sodium as a coolant, and water cooling.

The inlet water temperature, flow rate and water quality requirements of the cooling water are different according to the production rate of the product, the material and shape of the mold, and the thickness of each part. Take the picture tube glass mold as an example: cooling of the glass screen punch Water flow rate 20L/min water pressure 0.3MP.

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