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Glass Bottle Firing Process

Apr. 08, 2019

Here is Glass Juice Bottle Manufacturers talking about Glass bottle firing process

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Glass Juice Bottle Manufacturers

2. Glass bottle blowing ash purification section

If the process requirements of the workpiece to be sprayed are relatively high, this section is indispensable. Otherwise, if a lot of dust is adsorbed on the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece after processing will have many particles, which will reduce the quality;

3. Drying section

This paragraph should pay attention to the temperature and baking time, the powder is generally 180 ~ 200 degrees is better, depending on the material of the workpiece. There is also a drying oven away from the powder room should not be too far, generally, 6 meters is good.

4. Dusting section

The most important part of this paragraph is the technical problem of the powder spray master. If you want to create good quality, you should pay for the technically good master.

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