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Are You Doing Garbage Sorting Today?

Jul. 06, 2019

"What kinds of garbage are you?" In these two days, this sentence is no longer a swearing word. It became the slogan of Shanghai people when they met. On July 1, the Shanghai Municipal Waste Management Regulations was officially implemented. It is called "the most strict waste sorting measures in history". If individuals or units fail to deliver garbage according to the regulations, they will face penalties. Of course, as a Glass Bottle Manufacturer, we produce a variety of glass bottles that are recyclable every year, so we will contribute to the classification of waste. And we must obey the rules.

Glass Bottle Manufacturer

In recent years, from the “garbage mountain” surrounding the city to the "junk island" on the sea, the global garbage problem is becoming more and more serious, which is shocking us. How to deal with garbage and recycle and reuse it has become an urgent task for human beings. Foreign media believe that as one of China's most populous cities, Shanghai's efforts to carry out waste sorting with such great determination and intensity will not only have a positive impact on the Chinese people but also on the whole world.

As we all know, It's easier to say than to do. Many Shanghai peolpe are still slowly adapting to the rhythm. But garbage sorting also makes people's lives more funny, because people always can't tell what kind of garbage they want to throw away, which has made the realationship between neighbosrs more closer. When they go to throw out the garbage, they will ask each other. Such as, "What kind of garbage is Glass Bottle For Organic Juice?" or "What kind of garbage is broken seafood?" or "What kind of garbage is the milk tea that has not been finished?". In the process of garbage disposal, people will find that garbage classification is also a matter of learning.

Glass Bottle Manufacturer

Glass Bottle Manufacturer

So what is garbage classification? It is a general term for a series of activities that classify, store, and classify waste into a common resource according to certain regulations or standards. The purpose of classification is to increase the resource value and economic value of waste, and strive to make the best use of it. In this way, the garbage classification brings us all the benefits.

"Garbage classification is a national soft power." In fact, how to deal with the garbage is not only a problem facing China, but a common problem facing the whole world. Garbage classification, starting from everyone, doing a good job in every garbage disposal, the world will become more and more tidy. Let’s work hard for our better environment.

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