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What Can We Do With A Discarded Glass Bottle?

Jul. 23, 2019

In our life, we will use all kinds of glass bottles. Some glass bottles can be used as utensils. Some of them may be thrown away. Today, Customized Beverage Bottles Manufacturers will teach you a way to turn glass bottles into treasure. 

Recycled Glass Juice Bottle should not be easily thrown, we can use them to make photo frames. The specific production methods can be seen below.

Recycled Glass Juice Bottle

Recycled Glass Juice Bottle

The materials used are very simple, scissors, rulers, pencils, and of course, clean glass bottles and photos you like. For glass bottles with annoying product labels, tell you a simple solution. It is easy to remove the label of the product firmly adhered to the surface of the object with an organic solvent such as oleoresin or active oil, which is suitable for any situation.

Use a ruler to roughly measure the height of the inner wall of the glass bottle. If the glass bottle is slightly shorter than the photo, you can mark the photo with a pencil and cut it with scissors. Try to choose a glass bottle of moderate height for the corresponding photo. After all, the photo can be trimmed, and the glass bottle is not well adjusted.

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