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What Is The Design Feature Of The Glass Bottle Surface?

Jun. 17, 2019

Here is Customized Cosmetic Bottles Manufacturer talking about What is the design feature of the glass bottle surface.

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The styling accessories are not directly fixed in the bottle. The glass bottle manufacturer is briefly described in the outer groove of the bottle, so it is easy to manufacture and is convenient for repeated use. It is also easy to clear the bottle body and the semi-circular seat. And the structural form of the shape and decoration, no matter from any angle, it will give a strong three-dimensional space three-dimensional visual effect, and the outer side of the lower part of the body, the shoulder of the bottle mouth is attached to the upper mouth of the bottle on a flat surface.

The initial mold and the molding material of the glass bottle are poor, the density is not enough, and the oxidation is too fast after the high temperature. The glass bottle manufacturer briefly describes the formation of small pits on the surface of the mold, which causes the surface of the glass bottle after molding to be unclean.

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The design feature is disposed in the bottle body of the bottle body to dispose half of the circular groove seat, and the glass molding ornament can be sintered and fixed in the groove; the glass bottle made of such a structure, the upper part of the shell, the inner side of the upper end of the glass bottle body Similar to the plastic oil can in the bottle, the protective shell is connected by the shell and the base. The glass bottle manufacturer briefly describes the protective stirrup between the protective shell and the glass bottle body, while the handle is designed to be protected, and the bottle body is flat. Square, the cap is also, some of the poor quality of the glass mold oil will make the mold lubrication is not enough, the dropping speed is reduced, the material type changes too fast.

The design of the initial mold is unfair, and the glass bottle manufacturer briefly states that the cavity is large or small. After the material is dropped into the molding die, the diffusion is uneven, which causes the glass bottle to freckle.

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