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5 Ways To Remove Glass Label Glue

Nov. 05, 2019

On the newly purchased glass bottles, whether it is to check the price, ingredients, shelf life, etc., the label sticker is indispensable, so it can be used well, but it is not beautiful at all. However, no matter how carefully it is torn off, it still leaves a white backing or a clean residue, which is particularly irritating! Searching the Internet, there are so many ways to remove the residual glue, which one is the most effective? Next, the Round Honey Glass Jar Suppliers will share with you some of the methods you have experienced yourself.

1, hair dryer:

This method is no stranger to everyone, the hair dryer can be seen everywhere in the house, blowing the label for 2~3 minutes, let the label soften and tear off. Is this method useful?

Experience: The actual trial found that it is not bad for some labels that are not difficult to tear, but it seems difficult to deal with it. And you must be very careful in the process of tearing, otherwise you will leave residual glue. In addition, for items that cannot be heated (for example, you want to remove the sticker on the notebook), don't dare to try it! But the hair dryer is readily available, you can try it with a hair dryer first, if you can't do it, try this other method!

2, eraser:

The rubber that is readily available, uses physical friction to wipe off the residue.

Experience: To use a lot of effort to use the eraser, there is a way to remove the adhesive, and the effect is not obvious, the eraser scraps will even entangle with the residual glue, resulting in residual residue after rubbing. And on the plastic object, it is easy to leave a trace of wiping, do not try it easily.

3, hand cream, lotion:

The hand cream has an interface active agent and a softening agent, and the surfactant can separate the adhesive from the adhered object. If we buy a Square Glass Spice Jar, the label on it will affect the beauty. At this time, we can apply the hand cream on the sticker and wait for 5~10 minutes. When the sticker is softened and soaked, the sticker can be 抠except.

Experience: Apply a layer of hand cream on the label. After 10 minutes, it is obvious that the sticker is slightly translucent. At this time, the sticker can be removed from the object with a light fingernail, but there will still be some stubborn Residual glue, and leaving traces of adhesive, although easy, but not very clean.

Square Glass Spice Jar

Square Glass Spice Jar

4, alcohol / ethanol:

Commercially available alcohol is divided into 75% and 95%. It is a must-have for home. In addition to being disinfected and cleaned, it can be used to remove residual glue. Use cotton swabs or kitchen paper towels, toilet paper to stain alcohol, and wipe off the residual glue!

Experience: Pour a little bit of alcohol on a paper towel, originally thought it could not play a big role, but did not expect accidentally super! it is good! use! It is easy to wipe off the residual glue without much effort, and it is also very clean, leaving a smooth surface. The disadvantage is that the alcohol evaporates quickly, and the whole process has to race against time, otherwise it is necessary to always add alcohol. No effort, good effect and cheap, give it five stars! !

5, rubber gloves:

Put the cap into a plastic glove, wet the label that needs to be removed with water, and rub the label with a rubber glove.

Experience: It is also the same way to remove the residual glue in a physical way, which can easily remove the paper on the surface of the label, but has no effect on the adhesive. It’s just a mess, just want to give half a star!

The above is the five methods for removing the label of the glass bottle. Everyone chooses the appropriate method according to their own conditions. In addition, if you have a need for glass bottles, you can contact us, we can provide you with a variety of glass bottles, including Customized Frosted Glass Bottle and other customized services, welcome you.

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